Higher ordination for women

Sakyadhita: Awakening Buddhist Women’s blog features an article about Higher ordination for women:

Raymond Lam, Senior Correspondant for Buddhistdoor International examines the legality of higher ordination for women. He states that, “it seems unfathomable in this day and age that women of the Theravada and Tibetan Mulasarvastivada traditions are prevented from full ordination and enjoy less support than monks.”

Raymond Lam (left) with Tam Po Shek, a Chinese musician and calligrapher
… a significant milestone happened in February 2014. At the University of Hamburg, an online course about bhikkhunis (nuns) opened for applications.
Ven. Analayo’s position (on Bhikkhuni ordination) is informed not only by years of monastic experience, but also by extensive research into the Pali Vinaya. His resulting essay about the legality of ordaining nuns was a decisive publication.

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