New Website

We have a new website: The site has been kindly donated to us by the Buddhistische Gesellschaft Hamburg.
We herewith want to express our gratitude to all members of the BGH for this great gift of Dhamma.


Our new Spiritual Advisor

Bhante Sujato has kindly agreed to be our Spiritual Advisor with regards to the project to start a monastery in Belgium. He was the Abbot of Santi Forest Monastery in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia for 10 years.


German version of Ajahn Brahm’s book “The Basic Method of Meditation” available

Ajahn Brahm’s german translation of the book “The Basic Method of Meditation” is available for free at Samita ASBL. There is also a CD with the spoken text available.


Other free books you can order with us are Ajahn Brahmali’s Dependent Origination/Dependent Liberation in English (only a few copies left) and the German translation.


Next to this we are selling a the beautiful CD “Dakini” with chanting by Ayya Yeshe for the support of the Bodhicitta Foundation project. (15,00 € + Porto):

Dakini - Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine

When you are intrested, please complete the form on our contacts page.